Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One week Before It's Over

What's this?  A training blog post?  Am I in the right spot?

Well, in fact it is a training post.  With starting up the coaching business and putting in the training for Ironman Wisconsin, I haven't spent much time talking about the journey.

I'm now at the point where every waking moment and most non-waking moments (sleeping) is taken up with Ironman obsessing.  Analyzing equipment choices, weather possibilities, race strategy.  In 5 days when the training volume drops precipitously the obsession will only accelerate.

Friday and Sunday are my last tough workouts.  Friday is a 4.5 hour ride on the biggest hills I can find.  A few  real doozies over by Prescott, Wisconsin.  Sunday is a 3/1 brick.  Probably a flat ride by the cabin followed by a similar run.

My legs are feeling pretty beat up and my energy is sagging.  In other words training is going perfectly!  After Sunday it's all about charging up for September 12.

Looks like the Sherpa plans are coming together.  The Doc is volunteering putting on sunscreen in T1.  Lots of family will be on hand AND I will have a gps tracker from so you and everyone else can know my position in real time throughout the day.  I'll put the link up on Friday before the race.

I'm looking forward to this a lot more than I thought I would.  A lot more than I was at the beginning of my training when I was cursing OB's name.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where have you (or I) been?

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been around the old blog much lately. Others may not have noticed or cared.

I've been a busy boy. Getting my USA Triathlon coaching certification, starting up a business, setting up a website, not training.

Well yesterday the website went live. I invite you to stop by, check it out, the Resources page is updated pretty frequently and I have a coaching blog now too. I'm sure I'll be back around here when training starts back up for IM Wisconsin.

Happy training!

Coach Rich
Tri For It! Coaching